What Parents Are Saying

Parents are our partners but they are children’s first and more important teachers. We build a lasting relationship with our families.

I can’t believe the amount of growth my daughter has experienced in just a year at Busy Bees Preschool. She has gained confidence, fine-tuned her social skills and has developed strong academic skills. Busy Bees is a clean, welcoming and well-organized facility. The phenomenal staff actively engages children in the joy of learning. As a kindergarten teacher, I am confident that she will not only be prepared for her adventures in kindergarten next year, but she will excel. I highly recommend Busy Bees to my family and friends. —Jen Whitmore

We’ve had two of our boys attend Busy Bees preschool, and have had a consistently excellent experience there! The teachers are wonderful, the facility is clean and well-structured for preschoolers to learn and play, and the curriculum provides a good balance of preschool math, reading, writing, and art. Our 5-year-old, whose birthday is in August, has absolutely thrived in his kindergarten class, and we give a lot of credit to Busy Bees for getting him prepared. I would highly recommend Busy Bees to anyone looking for a superior experience for their preschooler! —Blair Barnes

When I first visited Busy Bees Preschool, I was drawn to the atmosphere of caring and trust in the classroom. Now I’m so glad I chose Busy Bees Preschool. That’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made for my son. Ms. Suzanne runs the best preschool around. The staff provides a very loving, nurturing, fun, and safe environment. They provide a full range of materials and activities and a well-balanced curriculum, which helps the children develop social skills and confidence and get ready for Kindergarten.

When my son started at Busy Bees Preschool in January 2012, he had a hard time following instructions and joining in circle time and group activities. Ms. Suzanne made plans to help my son. His teachers have been always understanding, encouraging, and caring. With his teachers’ support and effort, my son has been making huge progress. Now he enjoys circle time and group activities and has a lot of friends. He loves going to school. Knowing him being well prepared for kindergarten, I appreciate Ms. Suzanne and all of his teachers. —Wendy Guan

My friend told me about Busy Bees and Suzanne Jones, and we could not be more grateful! Suzanne and her staff recognize that every child is unique, and whereas some children will jump right into playing/drawing/running-around, others can be more introverted – like our daughter. The teachers seem to love our children just like we do, and are able to share meaningful observances and feedback to us as we ALL help our children grow.

Our daughter, now in 2nd grade, has developed into a voracious reader and loves to learn – she clearly had the right “tools” given to her in her two years at Busy Bees. Our son, currently in his second year at Busy Bees, is both comfortable doing his own thing in his own space while also loving the kid-camaraderie from the Lunch Bunch, outings, and spontaneous play dates-in-the-park that the parents have on occasion. There is a certain “family” feeling we have gotten from both the team at Busy Bees and the families that enroll their children there, which gives us the final touches on the “EDH feeling” we get living here. Thank you Busy Bees! —Nicole and Bob Neal