High Quality Program

Our Classes

Busy Bees Preschool is a place where new discoveries can be made each day and it’s our passion to ensure there are many opportunities for this to happen. Through loving support children build on their discoveries and newly acquired skills to take their knowledge and skill set up a notch. Children in all our preschool classes enjoy a teacher to child ratio of 1:6 and a small class size of up to 18. Our bright welcoming classrooms, highly qualified long-standing teaching staff and a creative, varied and developmentally appropriate curriculum are what make Busy Bees Preschool a beautiful place to be.


The vision of the school is to nurture the whole child and to support their overall development. Opportunities for socialization, sharing, turn taking and being in a group setting all help the child’s social and emotional development. Our vision is for children to feel comfortable in our care, to treat others fairly and be aware of other’s feelings. We promote loving values by striving to create a sense of community and belonging where we care for our neighbors. Our program is planned to include gross and fine motor activities to support the physical development of the child. We provide many classroom opportunities to practice skills over and over to master them and move to the next level. We also have teacher led preschool activities to help refine these skills. We want to challenge children, encourage a questioning mind and support cognitive growth.

Parents as Partners

We recognize that parents are a child’s first and most important teacher.  We are always interested in knowing how you think your child is doing socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.  Many of the materials we use encourage family involvement (playdough, ‘wood’ pieces, music)  and we are happy to provide links to materials for you to use at home. We love to create strong bonds with our families and have regular events at school which parents are encouraged to attend.  A parent’s partnership in building a love of learning and in helping a child to adjust to being in a group setting is essential for children to succeed.

Introducing Suzanne Jones

Suzanne is originally from the UK and moved to California in 1999 from Edinburgh, Scotland. She established Busy Bees in El Dorado Hills in 2003 and this year celebrates 15 years of serving local families. “We’ve grown over the past 15 years from an ‘at home’ preschool to a small school serving El Dorado Hills, Folsom and Cameron Park. We genuinely care about all the families we serve and love getting to know them and building relationships.” What’s the best part of her job? Meeting so many wonderful families and watching the children grow. “I love bumping into families in town and hearing “Miss Suzanne!” It makes me feel part of our community and I feel lucky to be living in such a great place.”

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