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Gardening With Kids

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May is the perfect time to get out and start planting with your child.  KidsGardening.Org has some great ideas for Gardening.  They advocate Family Gardening and list many benefits including exercise and fresh food.  Gardening also fosters communication, builds strong relationships, and offers an opportunity to work towards a common goal.   If you don’t have a green thumb (or green fingers as we say in the UK!) then don’t be deterred. makes gardening easy.  Their goal is to make healthy food accessible for everyone. They created the Seedsheet,  a product that takes the pain out of growing nutritious and delicious food.  Send them the dimensions of your growing space and they will send you a ‘pre seeded sheet’ to lay in your planting area.

If you don’t have much space to plant with your kids then try using small planting boxes or containers.  Tomatoes and herbs do well in these.  As long as you have a sunny spot on a balcony or deck you can grow produce.   Small planting boxes can be bought fairly inexpensively or you can be environmentally friendly and come up with your own recycled/reused container.  If space really is an issue then try growing vertically instead of horizontally.  Juice Plus sells a Tower Garden which fits in the smallest of spaces.  Your kids will love to help plant and will learn to nurture plants as they tend to their tower.   You will  find they are eager to eat the produce when they’ve had a hand in growing it.  Enjoy the month of May and make time for some family fun in the garden!children in garden