Early Explorers – STEM Class

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (4 and 5 year old’s)

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Our STEM class encourages natural curiosity encourages children to question, hypothesize, observe, explore and build. Children will have the materials to put their ideas into action, reflect on them, then figure out how they can take this idea or process up another notch!  Children well keep Observation Journals which will be used to record what they observe from a particular experiment or activity.

Monthly themes include:

All About Earth—Geography/Geology/Meteorology,

Planting and Creepy Crawlies—Botany/Entomology

All About Animals—Zoology

Mad Scientists—Sensory/Chemistry

The Science of Storytelling—Journals and Technology

Totally Terrific Technology— Simple Circuits, problem-solving Apps, using technology

Engaging Young Engineers—rockets, force and motion, 2D and  3D buildings

Catapults and trajectories

Math Magic—using units of measure, building and using scales


Early exposure to STEM supports children’s overall academic growth, develops early critical thinking and reasoning skills, and enhances later interest in STEM study and careers. You will be amazed how your child grows in intellect and confidence.  Just think,  Your preschooler might just be the next best engineer, rocket scientist or doctor!