Admission Application Form

Fill out the form below to apply for admission for the upcoming school year. We’ll reach out to you for the next steps. Thank you for choosing Busy Bees Preschool!

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Annual Tuition

  • Honey Bees (Tuesday/Thursday AM or PM) – $2,700
  • Bumble Bees (Monday/Weds/Fri AM or PM) – $3,800
  • STEM Pre K (Tuesday/Thursday PM) —$2,700
  • 10% discount for 5 days per week (Bumble Bees PLUS Early Explorers STEM)

Option to pay monthly in 11 installments is available


A Registration Fee Must Accompany this Application

  • $150 for new students and $75 for continuing students
  • (Nonrefundable and not applied to tuition)