Admission Application Form

Fill out the form below to apply for the new school year starting August 2022.

Annual Tuition

  • Honey Bees (Tuesday/Thursday AM or PM) – $2,900
  • Bumble Bees (Monday/Weds/Fri AM or PM) – $4,000
  • STEM Pre K (Tuesday/Thursday PM) – $2,900
  • 10% discount for 5 days per week (Bumble Bees PLUS STEM Pre K)

Option to pay school fees in monthly installments is available.

If your child is accepted, you will be sent a confirmation and a request for the registration fee. ($150 new students, $75 returning students). The registration fee holds your child’s spot and is a non-refundable administrative charge.

Fill Out Form Below To Apply For Admission To Our School