About Us

At Busy Bees we have small class sizes, we specialize in early childhood education and we are recognized by High 5 for Quality as promoting excellence in early care and education.

Our Classes

When you visit Busy Bees you will notice we have one teacher for every 6 children. This means our teachers are able to implement a high-quality curriculum and truly engage with the children.  Unlike the corporate model of understaffed, noisy and sometimes seemingly chaotic classrooms,  our teachers are able to do what they love – teach!   They have the ability to actively observe and engage with children to facilitate learning and build confidence.


The vision of the school is to nurture the whole child and to support their overall development. Opportunities for socializing, sharing, turn-taking and being in a group setting all help the child’s social and emotional development. Our vision is for children to feel comfortable in our care, to treat each other fairly and be aware of people’s feelings. We promote loving values by striving to create a sense of community and belonging where we care for our neighbors. Teachers model the type of behavior we want the children to learn from. Our program is planned to include gross and fine motor activities to support the physical development of the child. We provide many classroom opportunities to practice skills over and over to master them and move to the next level. We also have teacher-led preschool activities to help refine these skills. We want to challenge children, encourage a questioning mind and support cognitive growth.

Parents as Partners

We recognize that parents are a child’s first and most important teacher.  We are always interested in hearing how a child is doing outside of school and can learn so much about a child by having conversations with parents. We strive to build strong bonds with families to create a partnership that puts the emphasis on what’s best for each individual child.

Our Founder

Suzanne Jones is originally from the UK. She established Busy Bees in El Dorado Hills in 2003.

We’ve grown over the past 15 years but have maintained our strong ethics of quality first. It was important for me to create a boutique preschool because I take enormous pride in what I do, it’s not simply a business.  We genuinely care about all the families we serve and love getting to know them and building relationships with them.

—Suzanne Jones